Dimension Games is a Publisher and Game Localization Company located in Curitiba, Brazil.

    The company was established in October 2018 with the objective of bringing incredible games from all over the world to Latin America and helping developers understand the gamers from this region.

    Our team has been a part of both the gaming industry and communities for over a decade and we’re passionate about the games we work with.

    We offer Translations, Customer Support, Community Management, Marketing and all our know-how regarding games in Latin America. We can also offer Operational Support and promote local events.

    We work together with developers to understand what they need and present affordable solutions.

    One of our greatest strengths is to deeply know through continuous learning all the titles we work with and actively engage with the Gamer Community for the best possible experience. This allows us to localize the game better and to know what the players from our region desire.

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